2018 Apple iPhones: All that we know so far

The rumours around Apple’s 2018 iPhone models have been boiling ever since the iPhone X came out last year in October. Several reports have suggested about the company’s iPhone lineup for later this year. While these smartphones are far from being confirmed, here is everything that we know about these rumoured devices based on the leaks and analysis on the web.

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5 comments on “2018 Apple iPhones: All that we know so far

What we know so far: more people have cell phones than those who don't.

What we know so far: more and more people use them while driving.

What we know so far:More people are addicted to their cellphones.

What we know so far: The days of going to a concert without the crowd looking through the screen of their cellphones are over.

What we know so far: More people will be posting on Facebook about their problems because they are Idiots.

What we know so far:
Apple deliberately makes updates to slow our old phones so we run out to but the new ones.

What we know so far: the future is totally fucked up!


Yay another garbage phone and a huge waste of money. No wonder people are in debt they keep buying the new iPhone


Most people cant breathe unless they can hold a phone in there hand all the time.


Sorry we dont do Apple – We do Android…


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