iPhone 8 Backlight Repair

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3 comments on “iPhone 8 Backlight Repair

Hey there, I've just seen your video of the poor man's iPhone 6 connector fix and since I'm trying to fix my dad's phone I hope you can tell me if I should try to fix the screen connector on his phone in a similar way. Here's the image: https://i.imgur.com/7zs0Mb1.jpg

I was already looking at backlight fuses and all other things I know nothing about, then just now I actually see the connector seems to have a bad pin. Could this cause the entire screen not working at all?

It's an Xz premium and it doesn't give display/backlight at all even though the phone is on. Even replacing the screen entirely didn't fix it.


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Hello. It worked well replacing with a filter. But the original component actually is a 0ohm resistor!


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