Iphone 8 vs Canon XC10 vs Canon 80D – Filming Salsa Dancers – Video Camera TEST

What video footage do you prefer? 1, 2 or 3? Please write in the comments below

I wanted to have your opinion on these 3 cameras Iphone 8 vs Canon XC10 vs Canon 80D. No processing done on the footage.

I will reveal the cameras models in a week in the comments below.

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15 comments on “Iphone 8 vs Canon XC10 vs Canon 80D – Filming Salsa Dancers – Video Camera TEST

Here's the big reveal: #1 Canon 80D #2 Iphone 8 #3 Canon XC10 4K … some details: Canon 80D was set on manual mode with iso1600. Both Canon were set to automatic white balance which tend to go towards the blue side of the light… Thanks for your comments


I can see the noise in #2 i like #3


I would have liked to have seen how the Canon images looked shot in C Log, then graded for a more true image-capability comparison. This "test" is like testing driving 3 sports cars with automatic transmissions, while two were engineered to deliver their best performance with manual transmissions (Canon's case), then asking someone to rate them.


XC10 then I phone then the 80D isn't it 😁


I think 1 is the best, then 3 then 2. Although 3 looks to be inbetween 1 and 2, where 1 is too dark a background and 2 has too much orange lighting, 1 is still the sharpest image quality.


The second one #2 has much better background lighting to see other dancers easier in addition to the the two dancers who are the focus.


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