iPhone X Best and Worst Features

iPhone X Best and Worst Features video is here! This is an iPhone X YouTube video covering the reason why I could NOT continue using the iPhone X. The video contains some of the iPhone X best and worst features. Plenty of reviews have been made about the iPhone X and so in this video I gloss over some of the obvious and I focus more on the drawbacks. This is not an attempt to bash the iPhone X. It’s a GREAT device. Personally however, I found one major flaw which led me back to the Note 8….

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5 comments on “iPhone X Best and Worst Features

Great video , thnx for the informations 🙂


I thought I was the only one who had battery issues. lol. I'm stuck with it now tho. I'll try some of the battery saving tips you shared. thanks!


Wow. Great video. Lots of detail and good info.


Great video covering the iPhone X objectively. I've also had some issues with battery life.


It's such a beautiful phone! It's a shame about the battery.


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