IPhone X Final Review: Should You Buy It?? [Likes & Dislikes]

The Iphone X is an extremely polarizing phone. The price and new look definitely take some time getting used to. What do yall think?

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2 comments on “IPhone X Final Review: Should You Buy It?? [Likes & Dislikes]

I’m currently in the market for a new phone. I have an IPhone 6 atm. Been testing out the iPhone 8+ and the iPhone X the past two weeks. I feel that the iPhone X is a fantastic mobile phone. And, the complaints this phone gets is silly. The notch is something that (after a while) doesn’t really interfere much. The lack of a home button is ok with me. I feel that if ANY future Apple iPhones come with a HOME BUTTON, it would be a step back. Think of the movie Minority Report. The cool, futuristic gadgets were really neat to see. Facial recognition and using specialized tech gloves is something to look forward to. Now imagine someone asking for a damn home button for that futuristic tech? Ridiculous. The people complaining about it are the ones not willing to accept the future of tech atm. Maybe Apple is just ahead of the game? Maybe people have difficulty adapting to new things? Who knows. People are strange.

The iPhone X is the bee’s knees of phones. Of course, there is a price for this. And the price makes the iPhone X seem more like a “status” phone. If the iPhone X was set at $200 less than it goes for now, the complaints would be minimal. A lot more people would fork up the cash for it.

I’m deciding not making a move at all to the iPhone 8+ or the iPhone. Replacing the battery on my iPhone 6 seems to be the right option for me as the battery has been tested as “worn.” I REALLY would like to make a decision between these two but my gut is telling me to wait for what Fall brings from Apple.

The 8+ is what people should go with, I suppose. The iPhone X is the prototype for Apple’s future, and we’re giving them feedback.

Good video, btw.


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